Blog Assignment #2 (Esther Chera)

3 Mar

How the “Black Press” brought hope and unity to the African American population in America resonated the most with me. Before the Black newspapers, African Americans had no voice at all. They lived in a racist society with no freedom of speech. Once the Black newspapers came about, the African American community began to have a voice. The “Black Press” brought hope to the African Americans, that they have a right and were able to live a better life. The African American communities came together and formed their own movement. The fact that one newspaper could provided hope and unify so many people amazes me.

I think the point of the movie was to inform us of the “Black Press” and to teach us that we have to fight for what we believe in. During the time of the movie, the African Americans fought back with newspapers. It was great because the newspapers got to everyone and was an easy way to spread the word. Nowadays, people refer to the internet as the best means of communication. The internet connects people all over the world and is constantly used as a way for people to express their opinions and views on the world. The ways of communication has changed but the idea to fight for what you believe in has not. 


2 Responses to “Blog Assignment #2 (Esther Chera)”

  1. reynaperez19 March 4, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    Reyna Perez: I really enjoyed what you had to say, it was really nice to see how comforted the black soldiers in the film were when they saw in the black newspapers that their people where fighting for them and where concerned about their well being over seas which added to that sense of unity that you were talking about.

  2. snchezj March 4, 2013 at 2:26 am #

    I agree that media is power, and like you said here, it was transparent in this documentary. If we are to make change and bring power to silenced communities today, we must take be aware that it takes resilience, dedication and even at times compromise like that shown when the black newspapers agreed to stop promoting their Double V campaign until the war was over. It was very inspiring to see the hope and unity brought about during this difficult time in history.

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