Black press (Shahida Haider)

3 Mar

The film “The black press” influenced the bold behavior of journalists. The hardships in which the African Americans endured did not provide an obstacle for the press but only more motivation to get the messages out there. Strength in numbers was established when the “Black” community stood together and supported the idea of standing up to the whites. I feel that “The black press” influenced new media outlets because it provided the power in which print and word to mouth actually ended up as a movement,

The idea of being a minority and sometimes feeling unheard resonates with me because this is exactly how the people felt back then. African Americans had to deal with the fact that they were overlooked in every situation, It took one Chicago newspaper to demonstrate that together they can become a force and there were better opportunities outside of the realm in which they lived in. This newspaper was the first to attract a black audience in which was deprived of it and even learning how to read. When a person comes along that defies all odds and holds their ground then others that stand for the same message unite to help it evolve.


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