#2 (this was saved in drafts for some reason..)

3 Mar

Soldiers without swords brought attention about how it’s so easy to get a message out just by bounding together and working with one another. A simple pamphlet can be turned into one huge newspaper name. It’s also fascinating how one newspaper can turn into hundreds of different newspapers sending the same message. (The message to be able to speak out and live the life you deserve to live. ) Being able to do exactly how the white newspapers labelled African Americans, such as putting (white) next to the names, was very clever. That part of the film spoke out to me. (You have to give your rival a taste of their own medicine.)
Reading and learning how to read is a privilege in the world just because once you start reading and filling your mind up with knowledge, the world seems so much more interesting. This then urges others to speak out and act either with or against other


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