Blog Assignment 2 (Luther Ling)

2 Mar

Watching “The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords”, I found the black press interesting because of its commendable aspects. The papers embodied resistance as they admirably struggled against financial troubles and participated in the movement for civil rights through its “Double V” campaign. Since many of the papers were either small or localized and people depended on these papers on a regular basis, like for obtaining jobs from non-discriminating employers, the papers brought about a nostalgic sense of community that is rare in a modern urban environment.

While I don’t expect that to be recreated in new media outlets because of urban sprawl, there was one part in the film where a paper was under the threat of prosecution by the U.S. government. However, they stood behind what they published; that’s something that I think new media outlets should take away from this movie because it seems to me society understands how powerful the media can be, but shirks away from the responsibility that comes with disseminating certain ideas and images.


One Response to “Blog Assignment 2 (Luther Ling)”

  1. col87 March 3, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Colleen Egan: I defiantly agree with you when you say that society shirks away from responsibility when it comes to some ideas and images. I think its because they don’t want to deal with the consequences of publishing certain ideas. The black press had to deal with paper burnings and even threats on their lives. The media today is often does not want any negative publicity connected to either their newspaper or their news channel. There have been plenty of journalists that have had their lives threatened in modern society over simply their views not fitting the popular one regardless if they have reasonable points as to why they think what they do.

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