Free Expression (Parveen Keynejad)

27 Feb

I found on Stumble Upon “106 of the most memorable street art photos 2012” This really struck out to me. All of the images are beautiful and interesting. I would preserve this image in particular because it has an important message : money can control us completely. This street art image represents two main things that i would want to be preserved. The first thing is freedom of expression. This world changes so much over time and who knows where we will be in the future, so i would want those people to know that expression can be anywhere or anything and has the ability to be everywhere even our streets. Self creative expression is one the most important and beautiful things that we have as humans. Its so important to always remember to do so no matter the medium. The second important thing ithis image represents, which is related to creative expression, is the message behind it. Money should not control everything. Though that is a timeless issue, it should be preserved because it should never go over our heads the way that it already does from time to time. So to me it is most important to preserve and show the future that you should be able to express yourself the way we can now, and paper money should not be the top priority. I think this image does a great representation of both.


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