Media and Tragedy in New York

25 Feb

ImageJust this October in New York City, a horrible tragedy occurred when the nanny of three children murdered two of the three kids. This woman was at home with the two kids when the mother was out with the other and stabbed them to death in the bathtub. When the mother returned to her Upper West Side apartment, she came home to the most traumatic scene of her life. Screams were heard all throughout the neighborhood and cops surrounded the area. After this incident, the NYC community had a complete new look on nannies. Parents began to fear about the safety of their children in the hands of their current caretakers. Many resorted to buying cameras to watch over their kids and some nannies lost their jobs; this unfortunate event even made it extremely hard for people to get new nanny jobs. The way the media portrayed this incident created a negative outlook on nannies for years to come.


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