Influence from the media on body image-Maria Ayala

25 Feb


Marilyn Monroe is someone who has always been viewed as a symbol of beauty and femininity. When you think of Marilyn Monroe, you don’t think fat or skinny, you think beauty and confidence. In this photo you can see she is a woman with curves who is not skinny or flawless but she is nonetheless beautiful and you can tell she is confident. She was a woman who was comfortable in her own skin and there was much less pressure from the media to be what  we would now consider “model skinny”. What I find most beautiful about her is the confidence she radiated regardless of her size or weight. You don’t see this attitude as often anymore. Now, because of all of the influence from the media to look “perfect”, so many people struggle with body image and self esteem issues. As opposed to celebrating this idea of “perfection” and expecting everyone look a certain way we should more accepting of different shapes and sizes by celebrating confidence.



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