The Turning Point

25 Feb

This is an image of Martin Luther King Jr. making his famous speech in Washington DC on civil rights. If I wanted to preserve some piece of media, it would be historical, like this one. Not only did Martin Luther King speak of civil rights, he spoke of equality and intergration, something that anchors, writers, and other positions that spread media posses today. Without Martin Luther King Jr., the world would no be where it is today socially and politically. Although teens of today know of Martin Luther King Jr., they will never know what he went through emotionally to accomplsih the great things he did. These things took confidence, pride, and a substantial amount of hope in order to strive to achieve equality and intergration. Therefore, Martin Luther King Jr. should never be forgotten and would be a piece of media I would carry on into the future for its great importance and historical meaning. This was a turning point in history, something that changed the world for the better, and most importantly instilled hope into the hearts of every human being.Image


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