“Tank Man” (Luther Ling)

24 Feb

This is a lesser-known photo of the iconic “Tank Man” taken in 1989; The angle this photo provides a better scale to his accomplishment. The anonymous man managed to stop a whole line of tanks that broke down non-violent protests in Tiananmen Square before he was removed by officials. While the incident received international attention for it being such an incredible feat, I remembered watching a documentary where some of the brightest minds of China had no idea this took place. It made me realize that entire parts of history can disappear if the incident is censored and remains unmentioned.


One Response to ““Tank Man” (Luther Ling)”

  1. jarede24 February 25, 2013 at 4:38 am #

    Much agreed, sometimes the people have to pass down stories instead of the social media. There is a way higher chance of the media being censored more than us. Brave stories like this one should live on through any given oppurtunity, not be forgotten about.

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