Sorrow and Misery

24 Feb

Attached is a picture that is now one of the most renown photographs in American history. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School touched the hearts of every American, especially the people with children. The picture is of a girl, who happens to be the sister of the heroine Vikki Soto, Soto apparently shielded her children from the gunman, and did everything in her power to save the lives of her little ones. In the picture, the sister just received the news that her older sister was shot and died. Personally, this is an event that should never be forgotten, and it arose many questions and controversies regarding the laws about guns and gun control. You can feel like the sorrow and the misery that is being exuded in the picture.article-sandy-hook-shooting


One Response to “Sorrow and Misery”

  1. csetton10 February 25, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    Every time i see this picture I always start to tear up. What happened at Sandy Hook was a devastating event that really shook up the entire nation. This photo is so moving because its not posed – its real emotion. This may sound cheesy but this is one of the pictures that I would say ” a picture is worth a thousand words”

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