“Flesh” (Saudia Yunus)

24 Feb


It has been in our up bringing and socialization to believe that “nude” is light and “flesh” is peach; both colors underrepresented. Things such as crayons and coloring pencils teach kids to differentiate colors in the spectrum from a young age. From young to old, it is fixed in our knowledge that “flesh” toned is in demand. As a child, like other kids, I would always color in my figures of people with the nude colored crayon because I was told it was the color of “flesh.” There was never a color in between to shade in my skin tone; black was too dark, and so was brown. As a Kindergarten student, it was unfortunate that this mentality stuck. Young children, unfortunately, are still growing up with this idea that dark skin is not as beautiful as paler skin. With the claims of such great diversity that this country holds, it is interesting to see how a child’s thought process becomes altered to think a certain way at such a young age.

However, after some research, I found that Crayola came out with these “Multi-cultural” crayons. But is this really a satisfactory solution?



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