A New Model – Claire Setton

24 Feb


Kate Upton is a world-renowned model, and has recently received the coveted position of being Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model cover for the second time . When the issue came out there was many critics that the 5″10 125 lb model looked “fat” on the cover; and is not being considered a plus size model.  This notion in media of the “perfect” girl – a size zero, 6 foot, long silky hair without a blemish in sight- has taken over the lives of so many young girls. There has been a drastic increase in teen eating disorders since this notion of the “perfect girl” came to surface. Society and media endorse this notion that every girl should be rail thin, instead of endorsing a healthy way of living. The world shouldn’t be split between size two models and plus size models. Not every girl has the body of an Abercrombie model, and not every girl has the body of a Lane Bryant model; Majority of girls are just somewhere in the middle. When I look at this cover I see nothing but a beautiful WOMAN. She has curves and boobs, and isn’t the picture that we girls are used to seeing on the cover of a magazine. her body looks healthy and real. This picture is significant and should stand the tests of time because it shows that you don’t have to be extremely thin in order to be beautiful. Kate Upton shows the youth of our media crazed world that we can still be healthy, and snag one of the most coveted magazine covers.



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