Art or Ads? (Joshua Makower-Brown)

24 Feb

Sidewalk advertisement in Australia for the awareness of Childhood Heart Disease.

It’s not everyday that somebody can walk down the street, look down and see a blue baby on the sidewalk. This was the case, however, for anybody walking down this street in Australia the day this, and other ads like this, lined the sidewalks. This type of advertising is another example of the clever way that companies are displaying their advertisements. Like the Tropicana train, advertisements are popping up in more interesting places. In fact, companies in the past have even thought of advertising on the moon. These ads are yet another example of the question of “what is art?”. If this blue baby was displayed on the moon one night, would it be as accepted? Granted, this advertisement is raising awareness for a good cause. Still, is it any different than other street art? Is it different because it is paid for? Is it any different from this piece of sidewalk art, which also displays a commercial name?

Is it all the same?

It is all art, right? At this point in time, it is arguably unfortunately all up to our elected officials to decide. Hopefully whoever runs for local office puts out good art advertisements.


2 Responses to “Art or Ads? (Joshua Makower-Brown)”

  1. avane73 February 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    We can only hope that capitalism is used to build a community rather than tear it apart, considering its deep influence on people. The use of Art as a tool to manipulate the masses a into selfless behavior is not only a great use of financial resources, but an effective method to create awareness.

  2. erickspears February 24, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    This reminds me of the discussion of graffiti in the lecture class and how there are ads on subway cars now. It makes me think about how advertising agencies might be taking ideas from public artists to try and get their ads out in the world. It is like the idea of all city the graffiti artists talked about using subway cars to get their names seen all over only now it is being used to advertise products, getting people familiar with these companies and these products in their daily lives.

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